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    Emergency Broadcast: we’re LIVE every day FROM 0930 TO 2100 GMT

    The COVID-19 forces us to be at home. SO, we decided to bring all you some entertainment!

    For this reason we’re now streaming, hopefully, every day from 0930 to 2100 GMT, here:


    Check also our streaming webpage at 😉

    We are streaming shortwave radio stations received with our YAESU FRG-7 radio receiver, plus some other stuff, rants and random stuff, as usual.

    This is our actual setup (evolving):

    • YAESU FRG-7 Shortwave Radio Receiver, connected to a…
    • …PA0RDT Mini Whip Antenna mounted on the roof here in Siracusa, for radio receiving!
    • Behringer XENYX 1202FX Audio Mixer
    • Zoom H2N microphone / recorder
    • Zoom G1Xon multieffect pedal
    • an old iMac 7.1 (2007) for streaming
    • a bunch of cables, adapters and shit
    • …and a lot of unuseful but funny things!

    How it works:

    We tune our shortwave radio to some funny station and we stream it thru the mixer using mixxx installed on our old iMac. That’s it! 🙂

    Happy listening!



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